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Madhukara Silver, menjual perhiasan Perak Bali atau kerajinan perhiasan perak yang lebih dikenal dengan perhiasan perak celuk, perak 925 atau bali silver 925. Yang dikerjakan para pengrajin perak celuk. Nantikan koleksi produk terbaru kami tahun 2015.

Madhukara Silver menjual perhiasan perak bali atau perak celuk. Mohon login untuk bisa melihat produk kami selengkapnya. Pengunjung baru? Register dengan cara mudah dan cepat, untuk membuat username dan password. Setelah itu cek inbox email yang anda pakai register, lalu klik "activation link" untuk mengaktivkan account anda. Kemudian anda login dengan username dan password tadi.

The growth of science and technology is such a way . It’s bringing very significant influence to our life pattern society these days. One of much that we can observe among other things, is the trend of shopping society, which beginning from conventional expense systems, into pattern of expense online. With a few shortage and also its excess, in the reality pattern of expense online have the own separate goals market. The growth attitude above without overruling trend of conventional expense which still be embraced by most society, hence we try to present some product which is recognized and more liked by the peoples, international and also domestic that is Bali handicraft product. Immeasurable of beauty which difficult can be depicted by totally. Only definition capable for us get ambition to harvest a number of beauty existing. Bali with the cultural wisdom and mores, able to accomodate most mankind enthusiasm in this great world, who dreaming beauty illusory as a real world. Hold on to the manual spiritual which is ever echoed by an experienced silence hymn on the rural side of Bali. Competent presumably given by apreciate. With a fair logic theorem earn for us to understanding, why presumably Bali peeped by most hungering for the beauty and peacefulness, though when we observe with various in this hemisphere the reality so much charming the competent places but presumably sit side by side is experienced federating culture and naturel.

In the beauty , occult immerse nature strength with unpredictable philosophic value. Become fair presumably word circuity of greatest poeters all hundreds of year ago chosening Bali as place to create and have their masterpiece. But from alltogether that there is the most competent matter to be thought to the future is, how us as its generation able to reply the nature challenge. What ever maintain its most everlasting law that is a theorem about " CHANGE ". Will we as Bali generation henceforth able to declarate, to maintain what last for a number of years discourse as " AJEG BALI "?. Whether that will only become the slogan without meaning ? We are generation to the future have big hoping able to take a role in the form of real action and critical cogitation to be able to reply all that challenge. Hopefully God the master of universe give bless to us.
Congratulation circle to visit our situs, pamper your sense of beauty for appreciate a number of product that we capable to offer for all of this Visitor situs.

Congratulation pay a visit to our online shopping situs. Your satisfaction to expense to be our major concern !!!.

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PIN BB : 2B1B8D14

Fb : Madhukara Perak Bali

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Latest Message: 5 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Kadek Mirah: Dapatkan produk terbaru kami dengan diskon istimewa
  • Jauhari: harga sudah termasuk ongkir atau belom
  • Syaiful Anam: size cincin105 :(6), Permatanya sudah bagus, kalo bisa permatanya diangkat dikit biar agak menonjol (timbul) dari mangkok cincin.
  • Syaiful Anam: size cincin 6.
  • Kadek Mirah: @ Zjo..Ok2 smsnya sudah kami terima,,juga info lebih lanjut sudah kami kirim ke emailnya
  • Zjo: Saya sdh sms ke no 081558212072 tp blm ada jawaban aja, saya berminat sama cincin 31, ukuran jari saya 5,9 cm
  • Kadek Mirah: Dapatkan koleksi terbaru kami di awal september 2013
  • Wina Arizona: Baik mba kadek, syukur klo bisa disesuaikan nnti saya email yaa...thanks :)
  • Kadek Mirah: Mba Wina Arizona...bisa di sesuaikan ukuran gelangny . nanti utk info lebih lanjut mab bisa hubungi saya via email aja
  • Wina Arizona: mba..produknya bagus2.tapi untuk ukuran gelang apakah standar atau bisa menyesuaikan dgn besarnya tangan, krn pergelangan tangan saya agak besar. klo pesan lwt email bisa?
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